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Read the chapter, "Roots of National and International Relations":. Sex and World Peace Valerie M. Emmett Columbia University Press. Sex and World Peace unsettles a variety of assumptions in political and security discourse, demonstrating that the security of women is a vital factor in the security of the state and its incidence of conflict and war. The authors compare micro-level gender violence and macro-level state peacefulness in global settings, supporting their findings with detailed analyses and color maps.

Harnessing an immense amount of data, they call attention to discrepancies between national laws protecting women and the enforcement of those laws, and they note the adverse effects on state security of abnormal sex ratios favoring males, the practice of polygamy, and inequitable realities in family law, among other gendered aggressions. The authors find that the treatment of women informs human interaction at all levels of society.

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Their research challenges conventional definitions of security and democracy and shows that the treatment of gender, played out on the world stage, informs the true clash of civilizations. In terms of resolving these injustices, the authors examine top-down and bottom-up approaches to healing wounds of violence against women, as well as ways to rectify inequalities in family law and the lack of parity in decision-making councils.

Emphasizing the importance of an R2PW, or state responsibility to protect women, they mount a solid campaign against women's systemic insecurity, which effectively unravels the security of all. Sex and World Peace should be on top of every introductory International Relations reading list. Sara E. Davies, International Affairs [A] pioneering and readable book Highly recommended. Choice This is an important, well written, and informative book that will serve a wide audience of graduate and undergraduate students, academics, and policymakers, as well as the interested public.

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Helen M. Kinsella, Ethics and International Affairs Highly readable and provides a thought-provoking introduction to the reasons why equality between women and men within the family matters for the relations between states and, ultimately, world peace. Marijke Breuning, Peace and Conflict A landmark book. Gloria Steinem, Ms. Since violence against females is the normalizer of all other forms of violence, this book is vital, from family life to foreign policy.

List of Maps Preface and Acknowledgments 1. Roots of National and International Relations 2.

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What Is There to See 3. Wings of National and International Relations 6. Wings of National and International Relations 7.

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Taking Wing Appendix A. Mapping the places where the war on women is still being fought. About the Author Valerie M. Hudson is professor and George H. Her research concerns foreign policy analysis, security studies, gender and international relations, and methodology, and her articles have appeared in such journals as International SecurityJournal of Peace ResearchPolitical Psychologyand Foreign Policy Analysis. Her research focuses on interpersonal violence and peace. Mary Caprioli is associate professor and director of international studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She pioneered a new line of scholarly inquiry between the security of women and the national and international behavior of states and confirmed the link using quantitative methodology.

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She is an associate editor for Foreign Policy Analysisan editorial board member for the Peace and Conflict Reportand an advisory board member for the Minorities at Risk Project. Chad F. Emmett is an associate professor of geography at Brigham Young University focused on researching the peaceful sharing of space between Israelis and Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, men and women, and other supposedly opposing groups.

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Sex and World Peace