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Tonight just before going to bed. Hi Rebecca. I think it is lovely that you are searching out memories of your dad, do you have photos to look at, maybe they would help you tonight? My screensaver is a photo of me and my father on graduation day which I always find myself looking at throughout the day. Just like the train tickets I could of sworn that I had them.

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Hi I am awake listening to my partners breathing. He is very ill and keep wondering if he will last the night. He is scaring me with strange noises. I think the nights are worse and in the daylight you will find things that you are looking for or other things you had forgotten.

I feel for you x. Is there anyone you can call to see your partner? Just to put your mind at ease? If you need someone to talk to, you know where I am x. Thank you. It's so late. I may have to phone He breathing ok now but our paramedic friend taking for a trip to the the beach tomorrow.

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Probably his last outing And the guy just done a 12 hour shift. I would only call him with concerns about my partners health but he would onky advise calling doctor. He says he feels fine but I am worrying him by keep fussing over him. I think I will have to contact hospice tomorrow so they can assess whether they need to help me. He sleeping nicely. I am going to cuddle up next to him and try and get a little sleep myself. I'm basically awake all day and most of night at moment and think the nights make me notice things that were probably there during the day but I think they are new and scary now.

Hi rebbeca try to relax anxiaty comes with this rotton grief in the end my short term memory just was hopeless. If you cant find ticket leave it will turn up. I keep on getting outbursts of when I just want to crumble into a million pieces. I just love him and miss him so so much. I lost my mum last tuesday, I was her main carer for 15 years and am I also have moments of been almost in denial, then having out bursts and crying all the time.

Actually finding it hard to find reasons to carry on. I feel the same way as both of you, I lost my Mum on Tuesday 20th August. I feel like I am absolutely fine sometimes and then today I have cried almost constantly, screaming, shouting, begging her to come back, talking to her when no one else is around.

Lexy, I can't imagine being a carer for 15 years, it must be incredibly strange now to not be in that position anymore. Were you getting any support as a carer? Rebecca, I know everyone's grief is competely separate but the stages we go through are shocking aren't they, it hits me like a wave constantly.

Sorry for the late reply. I had very little to no help looking after mum. I started looking after her at 21, am now My entire life has pretty much been on pause for 15 years, and its making losing her even harder. I do find comfort in knowing am not the only one feeling like I do, I dread going to bed because I know I have to repeat this nightmare over again.

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