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Luckily, I have the rest of my book club to help me remember. We had a lot of diverse initial reactions. My favorite was that the story was a metaphor for how married couples are often in two very different places at once. Clare fell in love slowly over the years of her youth, knowing she already loved Henry and Henry fell in love quickly with a girl who already loved him and had for years.

Throughout it all, there was a dark edge to the book, something the movie lacked. The book was also choppy, written in short chapters that were reminiscent of how Henry lived; here one minute and somewhere else the next second. One thing we loved and that the movie thankfully kept, was the setting. We are Midwesterners ourselves and loved that the story took place in Chicago and western Michigan instead of New York City. There are a lot of different ways that an author can tackle time travel. It made him sympathetic.

Once we got to know him and could feel for him, the book accelerated quickly. The beginning set up a story that we loved and devoured and as we fell in love more and more, Henry knew he was getting closer and closer to the end. We found some great parallels between the relationships Henry and Clare had with their mothers. But the relationship the two had was full of love and kindness. He had to relive her death painfully hundreds of times. He was distant from his father as a result of this. Clare, on the other hand, lost her mother to ovarian cancer. There were places to hide away from parents.

Fond memories for Henry, distant ones for Clare. A worse relationship afterwards for Henry, a better one for Clare. Clare never had the chance to fall in love with anyone else. Before she found Henry in real-time, she tried dating. There was a football player that hurt her and when Henry was able, he hurt the guy. She was trying to appease her friends and family, who seemed to be upset she never dated. Even after Henry died, she never had a chance to fall in love again.

She was left with a note that Henry would return, even if it was to be fifty years later. She was stuck waiting for him after his death as she was while he lived. She could never be rid of him. She was brave to keep trying to have after so many miscarriages but Alba seems to be a lot like Henry. She started traveling when she was five or six, around the age Henry started, and she was smart like him and able to deal with time being flexible.

Watching the movie was a poor preparation indeed because there were so many changes. Gomez was a much smaller character in the movie than he was in the book. His relationship with Clare was a much smaller role than in the book and one member commented that his character was even described physically different. The biggest changes had to do with the end, when Henry lost his feet in the book. One of his real fears was the cage in the library. We read somewhere that Niffenegger was inspired to write the book based on her grandparents relationship.

He did travel a lot for work and he died young, yet her grandmother was devoted to him. Tough I doubt he could pop back into the picture at the drop of a hat. There were angles. And as always, feel free to leave a comment! Like you say, they left out much of the darker tone of the book. Like Like. Ended up liking it a lot, especially after I watched the movie.

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Time travelers wife book club

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