Swingers in Laton

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Modern terminology Latin equivilient - swinger. Thread starter Anonymous Start date Oct 10, Anonymous Guest. I know this will seem odd, but I need the Latin equivilent of a modern english sex term. Ideally I'm looking for a one word answer, but a short phrase will do. I'm sure what I'm about to suggest is wrong I've never taken a Latin class but here goes: The term "swinger" "non-monogamous sexual activity, treated much like any other social activity, that can be experienced as a couple" wasn't invented until the 's in California.

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I doubt a similar word existed in Latin. I did find the Latin word "oscillare" which means "to swing" - "oscillate" derives from it to swing back and forth. I did discover that Latin words for peoples end in "ae". I am serious in needing to figure this out.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Iynx Consularis. If oscillare means "to swing" then "one who swings" might well be oscillator ; oscillatio, -onis f means "the action of swinging". There are a of Latin words which may perhaps deserve mention in this context: orgia, -orum nwhich according to Glare's dictionary means not exactly what you might think, but rather "Secret rites in honor of Bacchus or similar deities, mysteries A bacchanalia is a festival of bacchatio, -onis fwhich latter word describes the action, and the corresponding verb is bacchor, -ari, -atus.

There are a of medieval Latin synonynyms for Carneval, that is both "the time immediately before Lent" and "a time forsexual and otherwise": carnelevarium, carnelevamen, carnislevamen, carnislevarium, carnisprivalils. I don't know the extent to which such activity by couples was ever prevalent in the ancient or medieval west. You must log in or register to reply here.

Swingers in Laton

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