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Angel Fabre and James Salazar are students at L. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts. After a dress code incident, they started a petition and organized a rally to protest sexist dress codes in their high school. But James, then 16, says she was kept out of class for most of a day in October because she wore a red spaghetti-strap dress, during a Los Angeles heat wave.

James said staff pointed out that her bra was showing, and told her that her clothes were too revealing and distracting. James, now 17, says she told them that was sexist.

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She refused to change her clothes. Slut shaming is the practice of punishing or making character judgments about people, usually girls and women, based on their sexual activity or on assumptions about their sexual activity. Those assumptions can be based on what they wear, what they look like or rumors about them.

Slut shaming starts early.

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A nationally representative survey from the American Assn. Not really. That has a negative connotation, while boys are less likely to see sexual rumors about themselves as harmful to their reputation. James says the dress code incident kept her out of classes for the day, disrupting her education. She has since left the Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, and is finishing high school through an online homeschooling program. In other schools around the state, students have faced similar consequences because of dress codes.

Tarrant hopes that if people recognize slut shaming as a form of bullying, they might be more likely to avoid it. A UCLA study found that students who were bullied in middle school earn lower grades than their peers.

Dress codes help students focus on the classroom and learning rather than on each other and their clothing, said Earl Perkins, the assistant superintendent overseeing school operations in L. Perkins does not think either the dress codes nor their enforcement are sexist, he said. So girls buy short shorts and lower-cut shirts because that is what is available to them, and then are punished for being provocative.

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It is true that in middle school and high school, adolescents are exploring their sexuality and how to express it, which includes clothes, Hill said. The idea that girls should avoid wearing certain clothing because boys might be affected is not only flawed but dangerous, Tarrant said. After a woman is sexually assaulted, people often ask what she was wearing or about her sexual history, a suggestion that she attracted the assault by wearing clothes that were revealing, or that she made herself available by having sex with other people.

An appellate court ruled that the school district could not use that argument, and a new state law in California prohibits such arguments. Schools could also do a better job teaching students about respect and consent through gender studies classes and lessons on violence against women, Martinez said. The movement to address slut shaming and dress codes goes far beyond L. Schools and parents also need to have conversations with student about sexual consent and respect early, Tarrant said, before the slut shaming has a chance to start.

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Sluts from United States

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