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Hi, I'm Diane, I'm 42, recently divorced, no. I have a good job I've been at for over 10 years, I'm independent, I own a car, i live alone in my house and I've been single for a while now. I've tried different dating apps but um I guess you can say I'm unlucky in love.

I've dated a twice since my divorce and needless to say, they didn't work out. I want a someone simple who doesn't have a lot of baggage who is mature, has goals and is working towards them, someone who gives cringe compliments and is romantic. I read a lot of romance novels. One of my bigger goals in life is to go to every major zoo in the US. And not in a "hey, we both like these two movies, let's stick together" kind of way.

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I've talked to a lot of people over the years, both online and off Reddit, and it's kind of tragic how many of our support systems are, well, not really supportive. A lot of my friendships are born out of circumstance. Tragic, yes, because I can't believe I could be friends with someone for years and not really know or be there during the more difficult aspects of their life, in part because I've been closed off and performative for the last couple of years. Why is talking to strangers easier than talking to friends? I want to change that for myself, and please only message me if you do too.

I'm coming from a place of defiance I hate this idea of sweeping things under the rug or feeling like you can only share your full life with romantic partners. I think that's how you create unhealthy, abusive relationships. I hate this narrative that adult platonic relationships have to be chill and easy and noncommittal. It's kind of absurd to me how normal it is to have so many friends you can have dinner with and plan trips with, but not enough to talk about divorce, or quitting a job, or losing a loved one, or abuse, or being in therapy.

Or just being sad. Real-life circumstances already create these weak social links; I want the ones I choose for myself to be more vibrant. Despite the probably melodramatic tone of this post, it's kind of making me laugh. How do I even preempt some assumptions you may have about me, about the kind of person I could be, from what I sound like from this post? I could be a llama for all you know. Or an organ harvester. A really empathetic one, though. If anything is coming through to you, I hope it's sincerity and curiosity -- those things are pretty much consistent in me.

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And I hope they're alive in you too. I believe relationships shouldn't be a crutch, whether they're platonic or intimate. I'm not looking to fix people or make things go away; I want to add value and to invite people who add value to my life. I feel excited when I think about the next chapters of my life. From early adulthood 'til now, all I've really done was bunker down and work on my career. I'm at a stage where I can travel freely, live in different countries. I want to bike around crumbling probably haunted castles in Ireland.

I want to wear onesies in Japan and get drunk on sake. Maybe not drunk. I don't even really drink. So, scratch that, we'll hunt the best wagyu in some remote prefecture and make the most amazing sandwiches ever. Or we'll stay indoors and talk about each other's day and play video games. Similarly, I want to talk about how soul-draining the process of hiring is, or why it's hard to think about starting a family. I'm not afraid to say I want platonic companionship.

I'm not afraid to say I miss you, or that you mean a lot to me as a friend. I've been suspicious of affection before, so closed off you could practically scale me like a mountain, so to be able to request things freely and say them plainly feels I don't expect the exact same thing from friends I choose to have, but I expect a similar kind of openness and sincerity; a desire to give and receive. Hello there. I like video games, reading, memes, anime, sitcoms, horror, comedy, and thriller, beauty, skincare. I like dark humor and lame jokes too. If you're dramatic and clingy as hell, please don't reach out.

I don't have the patience or tolerance. I'm into guys who are honest, affectionate, emotionally intelligent, funny, respectful.

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I'm not super serious unless I like you. I like trolling too.

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I can't help it lol. If we've never had a chat before it's probably your message got lost or I don't think we'd be compatible based on the information you've provided. If we had a brief conversation and it ended, again, your message got lost or I just didn't think it would work out. Every person gets to post every 24 hours on this subreddit, so if you hate seeing my posts every now and then, block me. If you don't want your message to get lost, don't send a boring message. It'll be hard to miss your message if it is interesting or fun. I'm not someone who plays games, but I'm being honest.

I'd rather choose to talk to someone who fun than someone who sounds like almost every message I've received. Hey y'all! So for now, I'm just looking for friends. I wouldn't be upset if something eventually got a little flirty if there was a connection, but, currently I'm just not emotionally ready for it! A bit about me! I'm a freaking giant!! Not really, I'm 5'10, but here in Utah I feel huge. It's been a weird adjustment, and more than a bit lonely. I'm a bit of a tomboy as well, I look a bit more masc some days when I dress like a punk, and I have an androgynous face.

I shaved all my hair off in the first round of quarantine, so my short mullet it not doing me any favours. I like to wear dresses and heels, or flannels and all black, or more than likely, my handyman outfit since I feel like I'm always working. Dang 's. In my downtime, I'm big into vibes, but not the decor. Why do people plaster everything with those leafs? It's a bummer. I like watching a lot of comedy sitcoms that I saw growing up, I'm currently watching it's always sunny! I have a lot of houseplants, but my two little gremlin cats are at war with them.

I enjoy painting, I'm working on making nice pots for all my plants! My favourite would be my lil froggy pot, especially the cowboy frog, he's very cute. I do like to doodle in sketchbooks, and I once wrote a poem to attach to a bouquet to give to a guy, so I'm apparently a bucket of cheese as well. Movies, shows, weird YouTube sketch's, they're great! The Owl House might be one of my top ones, I love it so much. I only watch dubbed though because I'm lazy. I like to have the subtitles on for every show I watch though. I'm just lazy. I don't game a lot, but I love watching others game.

I normally try to date console gamers so I can snuggle up to them on the couch while they game. With a controller you can wrap your arms around someone without stopping the game, it's pretty nice. My all time favourite game is the Binding of Isaac series!

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Ive only played Pathfinders and MotW though. Basically I'm down for any games!

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Anyways this was supposed to be a quick informal post to get a person or two to chat with this weekend. I guess I've gone a little overboard with the personal details! I'm an open book, I'll talk about anything really. I feel like people only like to bring those up to argue, or try to convert you to their religion. I'm not really about that, I don't want to argue, I want to be pals! I'd also prefer to talk to people in my own age range, so probably ages So let's chitchat!

Seeking nsa with female

email: [email protected] - phone:(794) 844-9614 x 7328

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