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My grandmother had a bungalow around Beach 35th street and my parents always talked about how Sid Cesar's wife's parents had a bungalow. Once or twice a summer Sid would come down and visit with his wife.

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Sid would play cards with the guys and he was a genuine nice and regular guy! Also an actor named Ross Martin who played on the TV Show "Gun Smoke" had a mom or grandmom with a bungalow in the 30's [Beach 30s blocks] and was a regular visitor. London Bradenton, Florida August, I'm so glad I picked up the Echo and read about your film. I'm 70 so I remember when New York was Irish as the beautiful song says.

We learned the Stack of Barley and all the Irish set dances. But I still snuck into Gildays and danced for hours. Before me, my mother went every summer with my Kerry grandparents. There wasn't much money around in those days but you could never compare the fun we had then.

I can't wait to see the film. I was born in and I have some fond memories of Rockaway as. We lived in the South Bronx and for many summers our parents rented places at Rockaway Beach, which got us off the city streets. My first memory was getting lost on the boardwalk when I was about five years old.

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My mother worked as a Matron in the rest room at Beach th Street and the boardwalk. She also sold Modess p out of a shopping bag for 10 cents. Since I didn't like the water I was easy to watch. One time they let me go up to the rest room alone. I got lost taking a wrong turn and walked and walked the boardwalk until I got tired and sat down on a bench till they found me.

I gather my siblings got in a lot of trouble for that. My uncle, John Tarpey, owned a bar and rooming house at Beach th and the Boulevard.

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My mother rented rooms from him and we got to live there the whole summer. Another year I think I was 13 we rented near Beach rd Street where the food vendors were.

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Our small bathroom window was in the alley behind the vendors and we bought food from them, which was passed back through the bathroom window. I guess that was great when it was raining! Another year I was about 16, I was too young to be left at home in the Bronx, where my older siblings were working. I had to stay in the bungalow with Mom and my younger brother. We rented down near the Bay where the train had a stop. My dad worked at Bellevue Hospital and commuted daily by way of the train.

I think my older siblings had a lot of parties back home in the Bronx while we were at Rockaway. They came down with their friends on weekends. I remember changing the 1 on my birth certificate to a 0 to get into the dance halls on rd Street that year.

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When we got older we spent a lot of vacations in East Durham in the Catskills, since my uncle John Tarpey owned a hotel there. But I loved Rockaway! My grandmother and Aunt Fritzi and her family had a summer bungalow, usually on Beach 56th street. It was usually on the west side of the street, but one of my earliest memories was getting a bicycle for my 4th birthday, inand we were definitely on the east side that year.

It is one of the few specific memories that I have of my grandfather. They had the bungalow until There was a candy store and I always bought pez, which Uncle George always kidded me about. I used to love to travel along the long bridge that started in Far Rockaway and ended around B. I loved finding my way through the various courtyards, some very narrow. I remember the night of the great pizza wars where two pizzarias across the street from each other sold slices for 10c each. The only people that still survive from that time are my brother Steven, and my Aunt Hilda, both of whom I spoke with this week.

I was born in I went to the bungalows with my grandmother, Bessie Brady, and my aunts until I remember the wonderful smell of the ocean air and the salt taste on my lips at the end of every day. Also the stores along the main street were wonderful colorful sights: beach balls, pails and shovels, colorful bathing caps, the candy sugar cigarettes, wax lips, and wax soda bottles with sugar liquid in them and sugar babies.

All day every day was spent on the beach. The shower at the end of the day was in the alley by the bungalow, the water was cold and you stood on a wooden platform. It was awful. When it rained you could hear it on the tin roof. The jettys in the ocean had ropes and the older women would stand there holding on and laughing. I feel blessed to have these memories. I can't wait for the documentary to be available.

Haviken Wantagh, N Y December, I am 75 yrs old and remember some of my Rockaway days as if they happened last week. For several years my parents rented a bungalow on the beach block of 42nd Street. Summers were idyllic. But my most vivid memory was walking on the boardwalk one evening with my older brother when I was ten years old.

There was a lifeguard station attached to the sea-side of the boardwalk, with a walk-around, at 43d Street, and we ambled around the building. We were stunned when a Coast Guardman pointed a rifle at us and warned us away. I also recall the wild Boardwalk celebrations in AugustVJ day.

Many houses set up card tables outside their bungalows with beer, Four Roses, Three Feathers, I remember the names so clearly offering free drinks to anyone in uniform. Lots of takers. The boardwalk scene was out of the movies. What a thrill. Every weekend we headed down to Battery Park to get on the Rockaway ferry. We would pack a lunch and go down to the beach with my grandparents, aunts, cousins, mother, father, and little brother.

Dad would ride the waves with us while Mom would always worry that the waves were too high. We would go down to the jetty to see the mussels on the wall. We always got to go on the rides at Playland. If we were good, we even got an ice cream cone. This all went on from to Families were closer. We did not have much money but we had our "little bit of heaven" at Rockaway. When we got a little older, in our teens, we would sneak away with excuses that we were at a sleepver. We were brave souls and slept under the boardwalk.

It was safe then adn we had no fears. I was six years old during the summer of We had a bungalow on Beach 28th St near the boardwalk. It was the summer of Hurricane Edna. Teenagers in white uniforms would sell ice cream on the beach, from big, shoulder-held dry ice boxes, and shout out, "ice cream, ice-cold ice cream! Wednesday nights there were fireworks over the ocean. Sometimes there were bonfires on the beach.

No air conditioning, just screen window. There was a movie theater on the boardwalk and we sat on folding chairs. I was just six and all my needs were taken care of. I grew up in the Arverne projects on Beach 54th Street, from - We were always at odds with the "bungalow bunnies," playing them in sports and trying to date the girls.

Rockaway beach OR cheating wives

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