Fetish clubs las vegas

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Local residence is not required to participate and visitors are welcome. A minimum age of 18 is required to our group and participate on the message board. You must be a minimum of 21 years of age to attend Meet and Greets. The minimum age required to attend other events will be posted on the event.

Our Mission Statement: To establish and maintain a neutral social network for those in the Las Vegas area interested in Dominance and submission and BDSM activities for the purpose of meeting and maintaining contact. Our Goal: To facilitate friendship, acceptance, understanding, compassion and the pursuit of pleasure between consenting adults and to promote honor, integrity and a high standard of ethics within the Las Vegas BDSM community. Tops, Masters, bottoms, submissives, slaves, switches, poly and monogamous individuals and couples are welcome to !

People who are closed minded and judgmental need NOT apply! Kinky Yellow s — Have a job to offer? Are you seeking employment? Check here! LV events Calendar — A calendar for las vegas local events. Please be discreet! While some people choose to be open with their lifestyles, others choose not to be. Consider any and all information that you become privy to from or about our members to be strictly confidential.

Failure to do so can result in your removal from the FetLife group and the possibility of being banned permanently. Please refrain from giving out the address to private events. Sharing any event information including but not limited to the address, guest list information, date and time, etc will result in your invitation being revoked and your immediate removal from the event as well as the removal of any uninvited guests.

While discussion is welcome, fighting is not. If you disagree, please do so respectfully. Please refrain from making comments that intentionally provoke discord, confrontation or hostility. If a pattern is noted, the person posting such thre will be removed from the group and could be banned permanently.

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Personal conflicts and drama do not belong on this board. If you have a personal issue with someone on the message board or at a group sponsored event, message that person privately and work it out amongst yourselves like adults.

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If a resolution cannot be reached, contact a group owner in a timely manner for assistance. There is NO room for personal drama of any kind on this or any message board. No haters!! Please conduct yourself with basic courtesy.

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Discussions that are started to create arguments, friction or drama of any kind will result in the entire thread being deleted. For rules on posting events, please see below. We request that all other group politics and personal conflicts and vendettas are left at the door.

Failure to do so can result in your post being deleted and the possibility of being banned permanently. Failure to comply with these rules can result in your removal from the event and the possibility of being banned. If you have a question about any event rule, please contact a group leader.

Dry events never include alcohol of any kind, if liquor is present at any party it will be confiscated until the end of the party.

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For parties at private residences, the venue host ultimately has final say on who steps foot in their home. A sheet will be distributed containing party rules that everyone must read andno exceptions. Enter at your own risk! As an adult, YOU are ultimately responsible for both the play you engage in and who you engage said play with. Engage in safe play with people you know and trust and know what you want to do and most importantly, know what the experience level of both parties is.

Groups with prior authorization may post a maximum of one time per week. Please do not post a new discussion for recurring events.

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Fundraising Events: Fundraisers may only be posted if proceeds are for an organization or event that can be verified as legally non-profit or not-for-profit. Please take responsibility for educating yourself regarding the laws in NV regarding BDSM activities and about any events you plan to attend here.

Discussions and Comments: While discussion is welcome, fighting is not. Disclaimers: R.

Fetish clubs las vegas

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