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Regardless of what those people think, the fact of the matter is that racism is still very real. So yeah it can be deadly. One of my friends knows that I often write about these things so he shared a story with me.

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The guy was understandably upset about what happened and he asked the woman if she was racist, the woman replied that yes she was a racist. At this point the recipient of the racist slur started to become loud and asked the woman how or why she could be racist in this day and age? One detail that my friend found extremely interesting was that the staff who worked at the Wawa store was black.

But for some reason these individuals said that some people just want attention. They told the white woman to ignore the crazy guy because he just wanted attention. These black individuals took the side of the white racist woman over a Latino who was just called the N word. What the fuck was that all about? I will admit that they were a long way from home and probably in a town were pretty much everyone thinks the way that this woman thinks.

We know all too well that guns and racists do not mix very well. It is a very real thing and episodes like this one just reiterate the reality that is racism. Bronx Raised Puerto Rican who dances in pink tights! Please note the date on a post, over the years my views have evolved.

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I started on the left, then went slightly to the right, I went solo and then back to the left. We live, we learn, we grow. Peace and love. Lindsey is a progressive candidate with years of experience in Urban planning. We speak about her views around what needs to happen in NYC, specifically in Manhattan. We talk about her experiences and skillset. We ever so briefly touch the Cuomo situation, author Carl Hiaasen and corrupt politicians, but this interview is really not about that.

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We did our best to stay on topic. Listen in and meet your candidate, Lindsey Boylan! Connect with us. Angel Rodriguez. Share this post: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Continue Reading. Click to comment. Notify of.

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Boothwyn fuck women

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A Racist woman in Wawa at Boothwyn Pennsylvania