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So you're thinking about moving to Atlanta. We get it. Atlanta is hot right now. Some might say that it has it all—a great music scene, an interesting history, professional sports teams, great food, craft beer, and a ton more. But you also have a lot of questions on your mind.

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Where is the best place to live in Atlanta? How much does it cost to live there? What kind of pros and cons can I expect out of this decision? Moving to a new city can be overwhelming. And Atlanta's size might not help your anxiety. Atlanta has a population of just under half a million residents, and the greater Atlanta metropolitan region reaches over 4 million.

Not one bit. And that's why we wrote this guide. Consider us your "cool friends. If you are looking to move to Atlanta, AptAmigo can help you find the perfect apartment. Like Bellhop, AptAmigo is committed to stress-free moving. With concierge-level service and a deep understanding of the local rental market, AptAmigo makes finding your next apartment easier than ever. A Brief Overview of Atlanta. Atlanta is not only the capital of Georgia; it's the cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitan area duh.

The Atlanta metro area is home to more than 5. The city itself is located in Fulton County, with a small portion of the city extending to DeKalb County in the east. It also happens to be the only U. Since then, Atlanta has become a national center of commerce and the unofficial capital of the New South.

During the s, it was a major organizing center of the Civil Rights Movement. Init hosted the Summer Olympics. And now, the state of Georgia has become the one filming location in the world, thanks in large part to Atlanta. Though not quite on the same level as New York City, it still has a nice mix of diversity, according to Statistical Atlas. The food is phenomenal. My mayor is black in a black city. This is of huge importance. It retains the Southern charm, within all of that. It is the Mecca of civil rights and justice to this day.

It also gave us Outkast. Atlanta has a lot of Fortuneand companies headquartered there. The Coca-Cola Company originated in the city when the first beverage was served in downtown Atlanta in While the company is now global, they still employ more than 9, people in Georgia, primarily within the Atlanta Metro. CNN's studio headquarters are also just a short drive from downtown. While Atlanta boasts low business costs, not all sectors are thriving. Retail jobs have followed the national downturn, and blue-collar positions have seen minimal growth.

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And, according to Nerd Wallet, Atlanta has been ranked as six on a list of the best cities for job seekers in Thankfully, Atlanta is a relatively affordable place to live. For a bit more perspective on what that means, see the chart above. Expatistan is a great site to figure out the cost of living at a granular level. There you'll find information on rent, groceries, clothing, and pretty much everything else you could think of.

Oh, and you can compare them to different other major cities around the world. To give you a brief idea of what you can expect for the cost of living in Atlanta, here are some s from Expatistan:. Moving to Atlanta: Pros and Cons. Geoff Bartlett, who has lived in Atlanta for more than ten years, tells us, "Neighborhood culture in Atlanta is a major factor of life here.

The city is a patchwork of areas whose borders often delineate very different cultural and aesthetic sensibilities. And, in light of our discussion of the traffic, here's another piece of advice from our friend John Edmonson: "The key to happy Atlanta Metro living: live as close as you can to work. The traffic is the one problem. It wastes time. Atlanta has a lot of neighborhoods. So we are going to limit our list to the downtown area only. First up on our list of downtown neighborhoods is Castleberry Hill.

Located in the southwest corner of downtown, Castleberry Hill is one of the few surviving warehouse districts in the country.

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It also happens to be a growing Atlanta neighborhood known for the arts and culture. Many of the old warehouses here have been converted into lofts for housing, making for some exciting, if non-conventional, places to call home. Pkwy, and Northside Drive. If warehouse-turned-apartment living is your thing, check out the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau website. There you'll find a thorough list of eateries, festivals, and things to do on the daily. Next up we have Fairlie Poplar District. The neighborhood blossomed in the 19th and 20th centuries as a business district while Atlanta established itself as one of the major business hubs of the Southeast.

Luckie Street Studios and The Balzer Theater anchor the arts and culture scene in the district and they are recognized city-wide. Beautiful architecture is also a hallmark of Fairlie Poplar. The district's crown jewel is the Flatiron building. Opened in and deated as a world heritage site inits construction predates the construction of the famous structure in NYC bearing the same name. If you've done any reading at all about Atlanta neighborhoods, then you have likely heard of Midtown and Buckhead. And, if that's the case, we don't need to tell you that they're popular neighborhoods.

If that's not the case, then let us take the time to say to you right now: they're popular neighborhoods. First up, a little about Midtown. The mile has lo of shopping, from local boutiques to national stores, as well as several restaurants and unique, local cuisine along the way. Midtown is one of the young and hip neighborhoods, and it's been attracting young professionals since all the way back in the s. The neighborhood sports many luxury high rise buildings among its walkable streets. With an average walk score of 88, Midtown is the 6th most walkable neighborhood in Atlanta.

You can do almost all your errands here on foot. Second, a little about Buckhead. The fancier older sibling of Midtown, Buckhead is another popular neighborhood for Atlanta young professionals. With a central location, a thriving nightlife, and a supremely walkable layout, Buckhead's popularity is no small wonder. Buckhead is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta which lends itself to the obvious pros and cons.

You have some of the best amenities in the city, easy access to the Marta and beautiful properties. This also has its downsides. Rental prices are more reasonable for young professionals but are still on the more expensive side. For young families, the public school system is solid, although, as with most affluent areas, most kids end up at one of the many local private schools. Apartment hunting can be a little tough here, so check out either rent. Both are excellent apartment aggregators with impressive databases. Once again, if you've heard much about Atlanta, then you know that the Eastside is getting hot.

East Atlanta Village, located between I and Moreland Avenue, has undergone ificant revitalization in recent years. This has effected a major shift: what was once considered a dangerous, undesirable part of Atlanta has become one of the most sought-after. And, it doesn't hurt that the Eastside also boasts affordable housing and abundant local food options. The neighborhood is home to beautiful old homes, a budding restaurant scene, and residents of all ages.

Further east, Little Five Points is another popular neighborhood. A word of caution, though: the crime rate here is a bit higher than the other neighborhoods we ly mentioned. Atlantic Station feels a little paradoxical. The majority of the neighborhood is accessible by public transportation, but the majority of the neighborhood is also privately owned.

The neighborhood has the convenience of everything you could ever want, including an IKEA, in easy walking distance.

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However, the neighborhood is popular for tourists and can be crowded in the summer and holidays. West Midtown is known as the "de district" and is full of warehouses, lofts, art galleries, and shopping. The Westside Provision District within provides unique, minimalist architecture and some of the top restaurants in Atlanta.

For example, Antico Pizza, one of our personal favorites, has a location in the neighborhood. Good Luck with Your Move to Atlanta. Small towns that still exist inside a giant metro area like downtown Decatur and Marietta Square.

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Move to Atlanta where you get great pho in tiny family-run ts in your neighborhood, or can get world-class cooking at Staplehouse. The biggest bummer by far is the traffic. The first step to recovery is acceptance and knowing that the longer you live here the more back ro you'll discover.

So there you have it. The Bellhops city guide to Atlanta. If you decide to take the plunge, don't hesitate to reach out to your friends at Bellhops. We coordinate local and long distance moving services in Atlanta and we would love to help. Move forward, leave anxiety behind. Moving Services. Hourly Labor.

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