Are you a friendly soul

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Human minds can be so complex, sometimes we are our most harsh critics and truly our own worst enemies. My goal is to help you help yourself and figure out how to be your own best ally and your own best friend. I created this to share my journey with other single mommas. Here you will find access to the tools, tips, ideas, etc. The knowledge I have gained through my experience and research has helped me live life happy no matter what circumstances surround me.

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I write about things that happen to me, how I deal with these situations and what techniques, products or practices help me better process the emotions that come with it. It is easier said than done, I agree! Give yourself a chance at loving your life again. Depression, anxiety, and any other problem that might be weighing you down can be conquered. Every day life brings you a new opportunity.

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In a few words. I am a loving mother of 3 beautiful children. I was married up to when I tragically lost my husband in a car accident. I am always learning and evolving to a better version of myself.

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I went to school for business management and Information technology but my heart has been into art ever since I can remember. I now use my art to heal myself and to relax my mind and soul from the everyday responsibilities I have to take care of as a widow.

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Facebook Instagram Youtube. Who is The Friendly Soul? You are your own friendly soul.

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My mission with this website is to promote the practice of self love. If you're a single momma like me and your goal is to feel happy even when things aren't working out yet the way you want to, you will find my blog posts to be very helpful. So can you. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Facebook Instagram Pinterest.

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Are you a friendly soul

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